Wooden bread stacker

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made in China
Brand Name: bebangso
Packing method: Wooden box

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Item dimension:1200*1200*700mm

Item weight:50kgs

Item color:brown

Item material:wood

Item brand:Bebangso


Item function:What are bread boxes for? They help bread retain its original characteristics: a crispy exterior, a moist crumb and a delectable chew.


Fun Fact of bread stacker:While there isn’t much information available on when the bread box was created, the Smithsonian has one from the late 1800s in their collection that was used to transport bread on trains and wagons, and it was patented in 1918 by a Stanley Walter Krebs.

Virtues of the item:Or “bread bins” for our friends across the pond, were quite popular until fairly recently. They serve to keep bread at a cool, constant temperature, keep the mice away, and help keep the bread from going stale.

Care instructions:If there is a musty smell or any other odor inside or on the box components, gently wipe the inside and outside with a solution of water and vinegar. Let all pieces of the bread box dry completely before you continue. This may take a few hours. If it is nice and sunny outside, set the pieces on a clean surface to dry.Wipe the inside and outside of the bread box with a gentle cleaning solution or with a damp cloth.If the knobs or any other hardware on the bread box are made of metal and need cleaning, place the pieces in a bowl with a solution of vinegar and water to remove any dirt or dust buildup.

Tips on choosing the Right:As per Material in here we could talk a lot.You can find bread boxes that go with whatever kitchen theme you have, be it retro or modern. Stainless steel, enamel, plastic, ceramic, and wood are common bread box materials. Each material comes with its functional benefits.Plastic bread boxes: affordable, come in a variety of styles such as see-through, lightweight, and ideal to place in pantries or kitchen cabinets.Wood bread boxes: traditional style and a roomy interior that is appropriate for big families.Stainless steel bread boxes: modern design, easy to clean, durable, and available in different shapes and styles.Enamel bread boxes: vintage and old-fashioned style, made from thin metal, and usually have a print on the front.Ceramic bread boxes: heavy, fragile, and simple design.In our page,we would recommend wooden one that goes perfect with any occasion.

Customer Care:Kindly drop your needs to mail qhf@bebangso.com,you will get prompt updates from the supporting team.

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